Sleep well knowing you picked the right CMS with these 8 super cool things WordPress can do.

Sleep well knowing you picked the right CMS with these 8 super cool things WordPress can do.

If you made it this far, you either have a website or are thinking about starting one (awesome!), are also using or thinking of using WordPress (I love you) and are interested in what thing WordPress can do for small business that you may not have thought of yet.

Here are 8 super cool things WordPress can do

  1. Connect your website to your CRM or other marketing automation tool. If you don’t use a CRM, why not? With a great form builder like Gravity Forms, you can automatically send all your contact form data straight to your CRM, or to your Mailchimp account, or wherever you like.It’s a massive time saver and it WILL make you money but helping you follow and chase leads. With Zapier, there is really no limit to what you can do.
  2. Sales funnel building. Who doesn’t love a good funnel? Get them in at the top and make money at the bottom. WordPress can help you build landing pages, or integrate with a landing page builder.You could use target pop-ups to build your list or offer gated content, or even create a members only area with special content or videos.
  3. Automatic eCommerce emails. If you own a store, and wish to re connect to people who haven’t bought for 6 months. Done. Want to send everyone who bought three products in combo a specific email? Done. Want to target people who spend over $1000 in 12 months in your store? Done. With WooCommerce and the Follow-Ups extension, anything is possible.We had a client who sent out a specific email for each product, with instructions  for use and nutritional information. It can be an incredibly powerful tool.
  4. Schedule your blogging. WordPress makes it easy to blog and schedule it when you want it to go live. So you could create 4 posts, and have them auto post each week, and bang, your month is done.You can also use a system like ITTT or Buffer to auto post to Facebook if you so desired.
  5. Take subscription payments. I love this but it’s so simple. If you have a business that in anyway charges people on a recurring basis, you need to get subscriptions working for you. Combined with a awesome payment gateway, you can slash your admin time, and spend more tine looking at cat memes. (or, you know, running your business)We use subscriptions and Woocomerce (combined with to run our back end.
  6. Teach stuff. WordPress has a range of cool LMS (learning management systems) to help spread your knowledge far and wide. You can create courses, make quizzes, award certificates and a stack more things. Learn Dash and Sensei are two you may want to look at if you can see this method creating a new income stream for your business
  7. Create the most complicated product kits you can imagine. For example, we set up a client with a product that has 20 different configurations – he was tearing his hair out trying to figure out what he was doing. All doable with WooCommerce and the add-on Composite Products. He is now happy. Hist customers are happy as well. And so we are happy.
  8. Turn your site into a 90’s themed GeoCity website. Ok, this is cool but not particularity useful, I give you that! I included it so you can realise that if you can dream it up, it can be done with WordPress. And if can’t be done, it can be built!Check it out here

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