Professional WordPress Engineers at your Fingertips

Stop putting off sorting out your website any longer. We provide professional and prompt WordPress engineers to make your site do what you need it to do. 

Thanks Tinbot for allows me to spend time on running my business rather than doing all the fiddly web stuff which I hate. It’s great to know I have someone to call on when I need minor changes to my website. Prompt and affordable.
Shaun –

24 / 7 Personalised Service

Fast response times, with most tasks completed in 24 hours, from our professional WordPress engineers

Put Us to Work

Help us manage your digital business – anything you can think of – we can do. From your contact form to a WooCommerce issue, we can help

Peace of Mind

Allow us to help you manage your website, and get back to running your business.

Thanks Tinbot for allows me to spend time on running my business rather than doing all the fiddly web stuff which I hate. It's great to know I have someone to call on when I need minor changes to my website. Prompt and affordable. Shaun - 

Submit your tasks

First, submit your tasks using our easy to use web form. We review and if we have any questions, we let you know.

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We complete your tasks

We let you know when we are about to start on your task. After we take a backup, we complete the tasks and test. If we have any issues we net you know.

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You review

Once done, we let you know and you can review. That’s it!

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Choose your task plan

Put your personal WordPress Engineer to work


$57 p/m

If you just need someone to monitor and be on call with minimal minor tasks, this plan is for you.


$120 p/m

Perfect for the growing and established business, who needs extra tasks throughout the month


$240 p/m

Ideal for a business who is utilising online marketing and need many tasks completed each month.

Tasks Included ?

1 Task
$57 per task

6 Tasks
$20 per task
16 Tasks
$15 per task
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$57 p/m


$120 p/m


$240 p/m

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TinBot – Your Digital Helpdesk

What do you need done? Our professional WordPress engineers can sort any imaginable task for you. From database issues to SSL problem, to configuring a a CRM with your website and anything in between.

Daily off site backups, and backups before any updates. Be fully protected.

Get support when you need it by live chat, email, or phone.

TinBot’s getlivelive is a service that alerts us to any issues on your website so we can get in touch with you to get them solved, or if we can, solve them. It’s great, because it allows you to focus less on your website and more on your business.

Ensure your site gets all the latest WordPress core updates. This keeps your site up to date and secure.

Your site needs to be kept upto date, if not for the feature updates then for the security patches. We can give you peace of mind by updating all your plugins weekly.

Get Analytic snapshots sent directly to your inbox monthly

We track and provide emailed monthly reports to learn how your SEO is going.

We check your site every minute and provide reporting direct to your inbox.

We have servers we can use all over the world.

Built from the ground up with Nginx, Apache (as a load balancer and reverse proxy), Docker, Redis and WordPress. This means your site is fast and secure.

All the tools you need to access your websites files and database.

We take advantage of the Let’s Encrypt projects SSL certificates.

We utilise Docker to create individual WordPress containers for superior resource management and security.

We always use the latest cloud server technology to ensure your site is fast and secure.

Prefer to chat on the phone? No worries at all. We have phone support during business hours

Our WordPress engineers are always happy to share the knowledge, and can advise on a range of questions.

You can get support by chatting live, or on FB, or via email. Easy!

When issues pop up, you need to know that you have someone covering your back. That’s why we have 24 / 7 support, wehen you need it.

In case of an unlikely power failure, we have backup systems in place to ensure we stay live.

We have redundant hardware setup for any possible server issues.

We use to send all emails from our servers. This cuts down on spam, and makes your emails from your website more trusted.

We attempt to flag spam before it hits your WordPress website.

We monitor our servers and your accounts 24 / 7. If something goes wrong, we get alerted and can fix or advise how to fix the issue.

We ensure our servers are alway running the latest software.

When unusual activity happens on your account – we get alerted to stop any issues before they become an security problem.

Buy focusing on WordPress, our servers were built to contain any threats a rouge plugin could create.

We install extra security components to ensure all malicious ip addresses are locked at the front gate and banned.

We perform rolling ongoing malware scans to detect any issues in real time.

Take advantage of faster asset delivery from a dedicated content delivery network MAXCDN

We build all our servers from the ground up to cope with the unique nature of WordPress. It’s why our servers are so secure and fast.

All our users use the latest solid state drives to ensure you files are accessed as fast as possible

We use Redis Object caching to speed up your site using the latest technology

Tinbot has reimagined shared WordPress hosting from the ground up, to provide a speed boost to ALL customers.

Not happy with the speed of your site? We will refund no questions asks if you decided to move your site within 45 days

All plans come with 24 / 7 chat and ticketed support

All accounts come with a FREE lets encrypt SSL certificate with all SEO re-directions in place.

The amount of space you get on your server for your website files. This includes WordPress and media files.

A guide to how many visitors each plan has. This is a guide only, as all websites use different amount of resources.

This is the amount of sites you can host with us on each specific plan