This is Barry

Barry is a small business bear.

He had a small web agency build his site, he is really happy with the results and is getting good traction with his sales.


From time to time he needs to do things to his site that he cannot manage and his agency are sometimes too busy to attend to his tasks quickly and within his budget.

He knows how to add photos and blog posts but today needs to update delivery reports for the warehouse – and he is completely stuck. Lucky, he has TinBot, and we were able to solve his issue in a timely manner.

After a while, Barry started to worry his about his site’s speed. He knows that a faster site = more sales. TinBot was able to bring his speed down to under 3 seconds from about 7. This made Barry happy. (and more money)

Barry knows a lot of people in business and some of his colleagues have built their own sites, They have done a pretty good job but there are some things they can’t do.

One of his friends runs courses and wants his client to be able to book direct from the website, and Barry was able to point them to TinBot

Some of them also require training on WP for them and staff. Specific to their website and business needs, and many other things in between.

Here are other things Barry might need:

  • Update plugins
  • Add pop ups for campaigns he is running
  • Add landing pages for campaigns
  • Link social media accounts
  • Link his CRM and accounting software
  • Refresh the home page
  • Fixing things that break
  • Perform speed testing